Generic Structure of Narrative Text

Posted by Unknown on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Generic Structure of Narrative Text - In the previous post, we gave you the definition of narrative text. Do you still remember the objective or purpose of the narrative text? Yeah, narrative texts are to tell to about the story in the past; people would feel curious and anxious with the ends of the stories.
generic structure of narrative text

Generic Structure of Narrative Text

Now, it's time for you to know the Generic Structure of the Narrative Text.
  1. Orientation : sets the scene and introduces the participants (characters) of the story, the time and place the story happened (Who, what, when and where) 
  2. Complication : a crisis arises. A series of events in which the main character Attempts to solve the problem. 
  3. Resolution : the crisis is resolved, for better or worse
  4. Re-orientation: it is optional. The ending of story. It sometimes contains the solution
 Ok. That's all the generic structure of narrative text. Hopefully you have understood those things. See you.

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