Language Features of Narrative Text

Posted by shining allspark on Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Language Features of Narrative Text - Hello again, guys! Finally we meet again here to continue learning genre texts. Still, we are learning Narrative Text. If two last posts talked about definition and generic structure of Narrative Text, today we are learning the language features of narrative text
Language Features of Narrative Text

 Language Features of Narrative Text

  1. A narrative focuses on specific participants.
  2. There are many action verbs, verbal and mental processes
  3. Direct and indirect speeches are often used
  4. It usually uses Past Tense
  5. Linking words are used, related with time
  6. There are sometimes some dialog and the tense can change
  7. Descriptive language is used to create listener’s or reader’s imagination
  8. Temporal conjunctions are also used.
OK guys! That's all for today material, language features of narrative text. See you later!

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